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What about Self Worth?

Updated: Jan 31

I struggled with self-worth without even knowing it.

It would show itself in ways of self-abandonment and self-doubt, needing external validation… even unknowingly accept mistreatment …it was a generational thing of unconscious behaviors and certainly an unconscious trauma response to being a diaspora immigrant child… being so different to my surroundings

There is so much that can be the root cause for not feeling deserving of all the good things in life, be they small or be they big.

This journey is individual yet directly tied in with how we relate to the world.

When we have self-worth and feel deserving of the good, we strive for better things and don’t settle sub par. Above all, we can be true to ourselves and have more ambition, believe in greater possibilities.

A few key symptoms of low self worth:

  • Lack of self-love

  • Not trusting own instincts

  • Can’t see the inherent value and worth in anything

  • Wound to personal value system leading to poor boundaries and abuse, loss of power

  • Recipient or instigator of undervaluing behavior

  • Not knowing where one stands in the world

  • Financial problems

  • Scarcity mentality

  • Wounding to material security and prosperity

  • Low ceiling mentality

Healthy self-worth:

  • Knowing that you’re inherently deserving and worthy

  • Choosing good for yourself

  • Valuing yourself and anything in life

  • Clear values and boundaries

  • Prosperity and abundance mentality

  • Feeling good about yourself

  • Quiet courage

  • Naturally at ease with physicality

  • See the Beauty in oneself, nature and life

  • Connected to gut instinct

  • A powerful sensitive emotional nature

  • Seeing all possibilities

It always comes right back to each one of us: only we ourselves can give us self-worth. The rest is a mere ripple effect of that inner state.

With Love, Schirin

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