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Hypnotherapy- a wide array of approaches

Healing is a matter of a holistic matrix including the body, emotions, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

Our healing is a journey of timelessness. We already are whole and perfect. Yet, our souls are here to evolve and to grow and to experience the vast spectrum of nuances that we can only learn HERE.

The journey and the destination co-exist.

We have the capacity to embrace all the beauty and all the ugly for what they truly are. We have all that it takes within ourselves and we are meant to do this together with assistance. It is all true.

I have faith in holistic healing. I don’t believe in it. Our beliefs are constructs of the personal and collective impressions we came with. Our beliefs are often not aligned with truth.

However, a deep gnosis (knowingness from the wisdom center) is the source of faith, rooted in a deep connection with the Higher Self and Divine.

It is from knowingness and empirical experience with myself and hundreds of clients that I have faith in holistic healing practices.

Hypnotherapy has been one of the many foundational pillars of my healing journey.

And in the next few posts, I am sharing with you the various types of healing modalities I work with… with the goal for them to benefit YOU.

These are astounding times in which we have access to the most efficient tools for healing from within to affect our lives.


Let's begin:

Hypnotherapy, also referred to as guided hypnosis, is a form of psychotherapy that uses relaxation, extreme concentration, and intense attention to achieve a heightened state of consciousness or mindfulness. In other words, it places the individual into a “trance” or altered state of awareness where we can access the sub-consciousness, the part of you that ‘already knows’ and remembers.

The word “hypnosis” comes from the Greek word “hypnos,” which simply means, “sleep.” Together, we journey to aspects of yourself that call for healing from trauma and woundings, we release the emotional and mental charge for transformation and create a new story to enhance your past, present and future.

Here is a Hypnotherapy modality for the person more comfortable with science and a contemporary approach.

I want to cater healing modalities to people from all walks of life. No limitations in the healing crafts.I

This work is all encompassing from each angle with the right technique and step by step process.

Transformational HypnoTherapy is working toward critical acclaim as the “go-to” therapy.

It works through the science of neuroplasticity and combines the most effective NLP principles with CBT, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy to create a uniquely powerful therapy with the potential to help people overcome their issues.

Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® helps you to experience transformation at a deep soul level. It is the world’s first powerful soul-centered, soul-based and soul focused esoteric hypnosis modality that can help you to achieve breakthroughs that have not been possible before.

During the nine-step program you can: 

  • Address deep soul wounds, soul scars and soul skins that keep you stuck in disempowering repetitive patterns

  • Experience true and lasting liberation from past traumas

  • Create not just surface change, but finally address and clear the causative factor of an issue

  • Free yourself from deep and painful unresolved problems that you have not been able to clear or move through

  • Create an unbreakable link with your soul, the source of true power so you can access your full potential and live your unique destiny

Quantum Healing Hypnosis  is a profound process, that offers you an interactive communication with your higher mind and consciousness. It is a journey within where you can reveal more of yourself to yourself to find answers and healing.

QHHT consists of two components:

  • the Past-Life regression and the Communication with your Higher Self.You will explore new or hidden/unknown parts of yourself. They are most often directly linked with your current life-time and to your questions.

  • Through this guided process it is possible to connect with your Inner Self which exsists on a quantum level. Here you can tap into the plane of consciousness where you get a new level of information to transform and nurture your being.

HypnoSuccess® Soul Coach Program is a state-of-the-art, totally unique and revolutionary coaching modality that works with the transformative power of soul, Master Keys to Success© and the power of trance and esoteric hypnosis to create rapid breakthrough results for clients. 

During your sessions we will:​

  • ​identify the soul's purpose and help it fulfill its contract in this incarnation.

  • identify the soul's unique set of Master Keys for Life and help the soul create success in life.

  • help with soul mediation to connect soul with its authentic nature and life.​

I'm sure this is a lot to digest for you.

Rest assured that I'm here for you. Feel free to reach out and book a 15min free zoom call to assess together how I can be of best assistance for you. 

With Love, Schirin

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