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Holistic Womb Wellness

Source from the Blood & Moon Mysteries that connect women of all times. Heal your feminine reproductive issues with proven integrative medicine methods.

Why is Healing the Womb so Important?


Since times immemorial, the womb has been venerated as the ‘Giver of Life’ made in the image of the Great Creation Goddess. So powerful are our wombs, that we can create a new body for a soul to dwell in. Our wombs conceive, gestate and birth new Life. Our hearts nurture this life into thriving.


Our cyclical nature is connected to the cyclical relationship between the Earth and the Moon, reflected in our inner hormonal pathways.


Our wombs are inherently wise and knowing. Even for women without a womb, whether bleeding or not bleeding, this inherent wisdom is present in the energetic matrix. In Sanskrit the womb and sexual organs are know as the ‘Yoni’ ~ ’Sacred temple’ or ‘Gateway’.

Step into a sacred relationship with your womb

to restore the wholeness of your most sacred self.

Our wombs and ovaries are gateways to a never-ending wellspring of life force (prana, chi) which ebbs and flows with our cyclical changes. Our wombs are vessels of creation and metamorphosis. On a metaphysical level, our womb powers can be accessed towards self-healing and the same conception, gestation & birthing’ process for any of our prayers, hopes, visions, dreams, ideas about anything. 

Our wombs connect us to all women who walked before us, are currently with us and yet to come. Our wombs connect us to the Gaia herself. Being the vessel, we have ancient women’s blood mysteries embedded into our cellular memories. 

Given the receptive nature of our wombs and the vastness of capacity and space holding, we can store ancestral and current pain, trauma, shame, stagnation, and stories of disservice. When the womb is cleared of its past life energetic imprints, it is restored to its full potential within the body temple. Women often experience disconnect from their bodies, not realizing that we co-create through our sacred body vessels with the Great Mother Goddess. Our capacity for creation is infinite!

By stepping into sacred relationship with our womb and heart allies, we can restore the wholeness of our most sacred selves and access true power, unbridled joy, wisdom, unshakable gnosis, guidance, healing and fulfillment. 

What to Expect


In our session together, we will uncover exactly what is held in your womb, and release any stored energies that don’t serve you. You will be held in a space of complete unconditional love and acceptance. 


Dive deeper into the healing of your body temple and sacred womb space. A healthy womb space balances internal masculine and feminine energies, creating fertile grounds for the rebirth of a new woman – whole, unified, present and healed from within. 


Healing the Womb can assist with:

  • Feminine Reproductive Health

  • Releasing blocks

  • Infertility

  • Past birth trauma, miscarriage, or abortion, or sexual violation

  • Unhealthy relationship patterns

  • Feeling disconnected or depressed

  • Creative blocks or blocked purpose or manifestations

  • That feeling that “something’s missing”

  • Low libido, numbing out or dissociating during sex

  • Feeling disconnected from feminine, operating from imbalanced masculine energy

  • Disconnected from deeper feelings or intuition

  • Stress, overworking

  • Inability to relax or orgasm during sex

  • Repeating toxic ancestral patterns

  • Unhealthy boundaries

  • Lack of clarity or direction

  • join collective healing of the Planetary Womb

  • Cancer, including breast, cervical, ovarian & uterine cancer

  • Miscarriages, terminations and stillborn experiences

  • Birth trauma

  • Polycystic ovary syndrom and cysts

  • Painful or absent periods

  • Irregular menstrual cycles

  • Fertility, IVF & sexual dysfunction

  • Pelvic pain

  • Hormonal issues

  • Infertility

Image by Gero Camp

It would be my honor to assist you. Book a 15min FREE Zoom call for us to assess your needs. We can then proceed with customized sessions to aid the wellness of your holistic womb life, tailored to your individual needs including:

  • Naturopathy

  • Lifestyle Guidance

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Movement Medicine

  • Feminine Self Care Tools 

  • Flower Essence Remedies 

  • Nutritional Herbal Medicine

  • Reproductive Health

  • Hypnotherapy 

  • Rituals

  • Taoist Feminine Arts

  • Yoga of the Feminine


Holistic Fertility Care

Are you preparing to become pregnant?

Receive comprehensive support for your journey in conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood.  In the midst of the challenges that the fertility journey can bring, stay connected with yourself, be nourished, receive gentle care.


Connect with yourself as the archetype of the mother and with the soul of your baby in this sacred space for conception. Prepare for this significant Rite of Passage. 


My own story of ancestral womb trauma:

“I come from a lineage of Persian/Azeri wise women. Having been born and raised in Europe, I experienced myself as a bridge between East and West. This gave me the freedom to zoom out of either societal, oppressive conditioning about women and I gained perspective. 
Although my matrilineal ancestry is joyful, expressed and loved; certain deep limiting believes about women’s sensuality, sexuality and their expression in society created a lot of pain and discord within my family. My own mother was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia while pregnant with me and received treatment imminently after the birth. A couple of months before I got conceived, my family had to flee Iran due to war. She experienced huge trauma around her root, her seat of connection to our homelands. This also imparted a sense of ‘loss’ onto me, I could never quite understand. 
On my journey into wholeness, I experienced the timelessness of life. I realized that I had a unique opportunity to heal ancestral pain, shame and trauma; for my ancestry in the past, myself in the presence, and my daughters in the future. I realized that healing my womb would be part of my legacy to the world. I worked with all my tools at hand, especially movement and plant medicines. This is one powerful way to undo the patriarchal disempowerment over our sacredness- our wombs. Our wisdom sourced straight from the womb and the heart has the power to heal the world."
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