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Application for Private Coaching

Let's dive deeper together...

Thank you for your interest in 1:1 sessions with Schirin. 

In your initial free 15 minute Zoom connection call, we will determine the best possible sessions for your healing objective. 


Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® is a cutting edge, stand-alone, powerful and sophisticated holistic healing modality proven to deliver outstanding lasting results. The protocol entails 9 sessions.


The investment:

-  2 hour stand alone Transformational Hypnotherapy session is $220. 

-  1 hour session for all other modalities listed on the HEALING MODALITIES          site apply at $110. 

-  30 min Flower Essence consultation inkl. FE blend sent to you $80.


Align with your life purpose. Source from your deeper self - the essence of who you really are. Schirin will act as your mirror of truth.


Once we receive your information below,  allow for 2-3 business days for our team to schedule your introductory phone call with Schirin. 

Which Healing Offerings are you most interested in? (check all that apply)

Your application has been sent! 

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