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The Lie about Beauty...

There is an inherent lie that almost every woman is afflicted with: that somehow our beauty is not enough… not even beautiful !

I have always been surrounded by the most gorgeous women… and each one has a story to tell about how she isn’t where she’d like to be as far as her looks.

This programming goes so deep and is deeply misogynist, serves distraction and dis-empowerment.

I think we are beyond counting how many generations back this has been passed from Mother to daughter involuntarily, how society would treat women’s bodies like a commodity and trend.

Women’s worth and power tied to their external looks… when in Truth what makes someone truly beautiful is a state of Beauty… the Beauty Way.

As a woman, I know this deep affliction too well. From when I was a little girl, I was aware and insecure about my body, my looks. It’s a collective, inter-generational and personal soul default. Above all, it’s so cruel.

I look at photos of myself from childhood, from when I was a teenager, my 20’s and my 30’s … and I see this gorgeous woman with a good heart and soul. And physically…. I’d like to time travel to her and let her know that everything passes. I want to tell her to love and accept herself as she is, to embrace her imperfections and above all to just appreciate exactly what she is and for what she has! I wish it so much for her!

Now, I look back and I see what has changed. As soon as I go into the inner critic, I switch to myself in my 50’s and what she would want to tell myself in my 40’s. And I relax. And I appreciate. And I’m present.

I know I love the people in my life just for who they are… from within. And I feel personal triumph with their joys, success, good fortune , love, healing and thriving. I’m all in for it!

So, I do my best to apply the same for myself.

But I had to get here…

I choose the Beauty Way because it is the magical way full of an attitude of gratitude. It draws in blessings and opportunities.

Beauty truly is a vibration and it rings in the most transcendental spherical sounds. It creates …


Saint Augustine

I know… I know… though… the programming of the default for women goes so deep. Self-Love, Self-Worth and Self-Acceptance can be a life long journey. Especially, since the world has enmeshed misogynist nuances messaging a constant lie.

Only you can decide for yourself how lovable you are.

And it’s also not your fault: the wounds can come from trauma, conditioning, epigenetic. They can have cut the Soul.

And that’s what I can offer you: to soothe and transform the pain into true power= true love= self-worth= sovereign co-creator of this life.

Beauty= Truth

Have you ever felt:

Not feeling beautiful

Distracted by dissatisfaction with outer appearance

Body dysmorphia

Feeling worth and power are tied to external beauty

Eating disorders

Partner suggests you’re physically not attractive enough

Would you like to feel:

Embody the beauty way, align with it

Beauty Way: harmony, grace, truth, beauty and order

Enjoy the beauty of life, a state of beauty & of truth, from the heart

an expression of the magic of beauty

Sense of self

Loving self

Comfortable in own body

Embracing any shape, age and maturity as a blessing

Clarity what is true Beauty


Feeling beautiful

You deserve to feel truly beautiful...

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