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Have you ever thought about having a DATE WITH YOUR DESTINY ? Why is Healing our Soul so important?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

On my many Nature outings, I’d sit in my listening heart space to perceive what teachings are revealed to me at that moment. On many occasions, I’d perceive via words and imagery and thoughts… more a gnosis in my cells… that we have this attunement to our Soul Song as well as that we sing a mistuned song from our soul woundings and conditioning.

Our Soul Song keeps us in alignment with our path, one on which we get to fulfill our true purpose and play our unique part in this vast tapestry of life.

Sometimes, it is this very Soul Song that catalyzes us towards healing because it needs to be sung ‘right’. I feel inclusivity with our Wholeness and our humaness, no emotion ind experience is invalid. Yet, we have to have that discernment which patterns and stories keep us stuck and which help to propel us onto our aligned path of purpose and destiny.

No more dammed up stories and patterns that prevent the flow of the true course of our lives.

In my own life, I have had to come to terms with my self-worth and willingness to overcome my shyness and self-doubts because my dreams and desires were so loud! My Soul Song needed to be sung so urgently that it was too painful to remain in my wounding. It still is. All of the Soul song expression came through each step taken with willingness and responsibility by me. That in itself has been shifting myself into a sense of personal empowerment because I’d see how much is possible through my own dedication and work. Sometimes, I need help from a practitioner, at other times it’s all up to prayer and self-awareness.

And guess what: our true purpose stays the same while it paradoxically keeps evolving and shifting.

It’s our own personal epic life story sung in the attuned Soul Song. Then our purpose is danced to that song in a dynamic with Divine messages perceived through that Soul Song and our Hearts.

Would you like to free up your Soul Song ?

Can I help you to free up the dams of your woundings so the river of your purpose and destiny can flow? The river of your purpose nourishes and brings life to all it meets along the way, shaping new landscapes with patience and consistency…

Have you ever thought about having a DATE WITH YOUR DESTINY ?

In fact, we have many Dates with Destiny, poignant moments in which we can choose a thought, an action, a course in life that is aligned with our Soul’s calling and evolution. There is always a choice. And that choice is within our power and our reach.

But on many occasions, we may be faced with a blockage from a traumatic event, a Soul wounding , in which we contract in our beings and choose out of our woundings and karmas which then can become fateful on a smaller or larger scale. We may feel fearful , undeserving, not confident, disconnected, powerless to claim what truly lies in our Hearts and Souls. Everyone does that. And we therefore perpetuate our karmas or even miss a Date with Destiny.

Don’t worry though, these Dates with Destiny can re-occur and a new chance to align with our Soul aligned path is always an option. Don’t you find it empowering and even more comforting that this inner choice is completely up to you?

One thing is for sure, following our Soul’s Truth and meeting that Date with Destiny always feels good within the holistic being, especially within the Nervous System. And It’s always a gateway to our growth and expansion in life.

It’s ok to ask for help. In fact, provided by the Higher Intelligence and by Nature there are many healing plants and modalities, people, animal and spirit helpers to offer the medicine needed for healing. We are not meant to walk alone, to do it all by ourselves. Yet, the power of choice lies within ourselves.

Such a modality is the Hypnotique Esoteric Hypnosis Protocol with an entrusted practitioner.

Where is this POWER OF CHOICE?

When you put your hands on your heart, solar plexus, womb or Hara below the navel… close your eyes breathe deeply and go inwards. There is an inner guidance, a compass straight from the seat of the Soul, our Heart center. The intelligence of our torsos can guide us. We all have this guidance. It’s just a matter of listening and daring to follow that. A simple act that can be blocked and scary. Yet, that guidance needs to be chosen and no-one can do that for you.

It’s never too late for choosing the Power and Truth of the Soul. Your inner compass will reward you with good sensations in your nervous system complex.

When you heal a soul wounding, it’s also about timing. You were always meant to heal this wounding and there is a Greater Intelligence at work in this mysterious life.

Nothing is forever lost or missed. Every single moment you have the Power to Choose from your Soul.

And that is exactly the principle at the Heartcore of the Hypnotique Esoteric Hypnosis Protocol.

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