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Healing the Illusion of Separateness

Marvelous news my dear friends!

I am so happy to share with you, beloveds, that my fellow Iranian and dear friend Hamid Saeidi has been awarded the Grammy for Best New Age Album. Let us celebrate our fellow artists achievements as they blossom into their fullness.  I recently performed at UCLA with Hamid, whom I’ve celebrated culture with for so many years. We share a deep reverence for the universal language of music and love that brings us together. In our world artist’s community we bridge our differences through intercultural creative collaborations. We all come from these countries that are at war with each other, yet we weave our heartfelt gifts together. The intercultural tapestry is what makes our cultural celebrations so special.  We come together and honor our different cultural and religious backgrounds. Some of us are Jewish, Muslim, Bahai, Christian, and so on and so forth. We are so different. Yet, we are all embracing our cultural background and at the same time this does not separate us. Rather, in our awe for one another we are brought even closer together by our common humanity. Our differences sew a rich tapestry that is woven together with mutual respect and love. It is so powerful to bridge language barriers and differences. Together we’re living out our higher potential, while we embrace our different backgrounds. This is the story of my life and at the same time, these are the big world issues of today. 

We are truly healing the

illusion of separateness. 

We are all living our lives and before we know it Hamid won a Grammy!  This is crazy, fantastic! Who would have thought all those years ago that I’d collaborate and dance with my music and dance idols and they would become my friends.

You never know where

your dreams will take you. 

I would have never thought I’d share my dance on stage with Grammy winners. That is certainly not why I started dancing. What excites me about Hamid’s Grammy win is to witness our human potential being elevated to such a high place, and then recognized. It is the dedication behind the achievement that is so profound rather than the award itself.  We are capable of such quality. There is a true richness that comes when we refine our expression and share it with integrity. What we artistic beings are capable of is truly astonishing.  The high substance of our art comes from our devotion and higher passion. I see this in Hamid, his core musicians and his ensemble. These dedicated, disciplined musicians illuminate possibilities.  We artists create magic together. Sometimes we coming together for the very first time yet, we feel that we have been together for lifetimes. When you work on your craft then you become so seasoned that you tune in to the creative potential, surrender your ego and merge in your willingness to collaborate. It is a dialogue when we work together. This dialogue truly serves the audience.  Hamid embodies the magic of unfolding when we embrace our endless possibilities.

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