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You are the divine mother: healing your body temple

Greetings Beloveds,

Blessings to you this Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day take a moment to honor the Divine Mother that lives within you. You're healing will emanate outwards when you heal your relationship with the Divine Mother. You may find your own essential relationship with your mom also receives healing.

Divine mother is the feminine manifestation of the divine.

She is Adi Parashakti, Boomi Devi (mother earth) and Kuan Yin. Divine mother manifests in a myriad of forms as Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati. She is the wrathful grace of Kali, the divine personification of time. She is the most humble Radhe, the purest Sita and the surrendered Parvati. Just as the universe manifests in so many amalgamations so does Divine Mother. She whirls, twirls and manifests before us in so many enchanting ways. I ask you this Mother’s Day to honor the divine mother that lives within you. ​I invite you on a journey to heal your relationship to your body temple as a way to honor the feminine principle. Open the sacred door to connect with the feminine expression of divinity pulsing within you’re being. Imagine your body is a sacred space. Ponder that your body is a temple. The purpose of this temple is to honor the divine mother. Now, imagine you’re a great devotee of Ma (the universal creative force). How would you treat your body then? Would you worship every cell in your being? Would you adorn yourself with art and flowers? Would you sing and dance and whirl with joy? Or, would you desecrate yourself with vile messages? Invite in all kinds of wayward souls to wreak havoc? Would you let your temple fall into disrepair? Feed yourself with junk food? You’d realize your body was a temple and dedicated it to Ma. You’d worship within your temple with euphoric reverence for each and every breath.  

You’d rise in the morning to joyfully celebrate your experience of life. You’d create a sanctuary around you to honor the beauty inside. You’d develop rituals to savor the sweetness of her bounty. You’d hold yourself with infinite mercy and compassion. You’d protect yourself with so much love and affection. You’d shield your eyes from harmful aberrations. You’d bath yourself with tender loving care. You’d manifest a divine reality for yourself. You’d nourish yourself with deep wisdom. You’d heal yourself with great resolve. You’d delight in the senses. You’d labor joyfully.

Healing our bodies is healing our relationship with the divine feminine. We are not only healing for ourselves, but we are healing for each other. In an age of Kaliyuga, ignorance and suffering, you may suffer from all kinds of body dysmorphia and self hatred. You were probably, like most women, conditioned by commercialism and patriarchy. We’ve all been rendered compliant in the quest to sell lots and lots of things with fear based tactics. You may have grown up with a mother who was conditioned to believe her worth hinged on her appearance. She inherited this subconscious belief from her grandmother, ad infinitum.  You witnessed this as a child, and internalized this shame and pain, blocking you from wholeness. The vicious cycle continues. In a shadowy, patriarchal society most of us have been deeply conditioned to believe that there is a desirable body type and we’re not that! We believe that if we had perfect skin, the right body shape, big lips and eyes, a small nose (and on and on) then we’d be successful and loved. We may even believe that to be loved we must be beautiful. This is simply not true. We may even harbor these subconscious beliefs and not know it. There is no one to blame for this. Everyone is doing the best they can. In the age of Kaliyuga we are right on time. We’re not victims. Rather, we’re empowered agents of change in this divine unfolding. Our purpose in this life is to grow back into wholeness. And so the path of the Mystica begins. Set yourself free on this healing journey. Find what works for you. Seek out role models, guides, guardians and befriend goddesses. Find practices and therapies to dive in a heal unresolved traumas both minor and severe. Phase out toxic habits, practices, places, jobs and food. Create a nourishing lifestyle and show up for yourself every single day. You can heal your feminine shadow. This shadow of low self worth and victimhood has been carried by your ancestors for too long. You can clear out your wombs in meditation, shamanic journeys, flower essences, ritual, sacred dance or with hypnotherapy. You can untie the ancestral knots with taoist spiritual practices. You can find the oneness that emerges from knowing intimately our sublime self worth by not settling for less than the highest.

Your body is your temple. You are the divine mother. Your value is inherent. Your worth is absolute. No one can give it to you. No one can take it from you.

Now, you’re on a healing journey back into your wholeness. Now, you’ve reached out and acquired support and tools to deprogram the societal conditioning modeled by our caretakers. Now, we are returning to our divine selves. May I offer my personal journey of transformation healing my body as an antidote? I hope by sharing that I inspire you on your path to finding deep love and self acceptance for your body as a temple. Would it shock you to believe I also carried a distorted view of my body for far too long? I have been blessed with a beautiful body, but nothing black or white. Sometimes our biggest gifts can be our biggest challenge. When I tell friends or strangers about my experience with my body they are astonished. Our relationship with the mirror can be something so powerful. What I saw when I looked in the mirror was not my true reflection. Carrying around low self worth and self hatred left me in misery. I’ve healed myself through my dance and embodiment. I’m so happy to say that I have healed my relationship with my body through the feminine healing practices that I teach. I believe I was met with these challenges so that I could then guide others with deeper compassion on this same journey of self love and healing. Beauty is something to be experienced within, not a commodity to be possessed. When we see our own inner beauty then we can see the beauty in others as well. I choose to look for the inner beauty in every single woman that I meet. I do not seek out their flaws and fixate upon them. When I fall in love with all women then I fall in love with myself. This is the sacred mirror. I practice this everyday with loving compliments, and uplifting words. I share beautiful thoughts without a need to have them returned. My reward is seeing the light shine in others when their inner beauty if reflected back to them. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself how beautiful I was when I was suffering. The lines on my face represent my life experience, my wisdom and make me love myself more than ever. There is so much richness in these lines. I pray that you will see this in the lines of your face as well. My personal journey of healing has compelled me to ask, ‘What does it mean to be embodied? How can I live a spiritual life embracing the physical form?’ We’re embodied when we’re deeply aware of our sensational experience of life. We are embodied when we experience divinity intimately from inside our body temple. My body temple shines when I allow myself to be an innocent child receiving the blessings of Mother Earth. I allow myself to be nurtured by her: eat her fresh food, breathe in her clear air, bathe nude in her waters, bask under the sun, sleep close to the ground under the stars. As I receive the gifts of mother earth like a child I become sensually aware. In these moments I am embodied in the truth of my beauty. To be embodied means to embrace our human experience as the sacred feminine. This means that we perceive, sense, witness and taste sensations as they arrive in the space of our awareness. We recognize the energy we fell in our bodies as sacred too. We can then direct our energy with divine intentions. We truly learn to appreciate our bodies as a microcosm of the macrocosm and experience it in that way through dance, ritual, yoga or any number of spiritual modalities. We’re able to come into contact, explore and experience life intimately. A wonderful tool to being with is to work through the elements. We can recognize these elements in our own bodies and then connect ourselves as part of the universal whole, and even begin to expand our being. Working mindfully with the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether in our own body temples through ritual is illuminating. We can invite in a divine beauty through our bodily experience of the sacred elements When we honor our bodies as sacred temples then the magic of the divine feminine emerges. If we harbor self hatred, if we do not heal our childhood wounds of shame, then we will be blocked from a sustained experience of the sacred feminine. This is the path of the Mystica. This path allows us to feel, sense, experience and embrace this world as sacred.

You’re the divine mother. You’re a sacred channel.

You’re the microcosm of the macrocosm. And yes, your precious body is a temple. Join us for the Path of the Mystica in Crete !!!

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